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  • Shindong:This old geezer has dementia! He thinks he's in DBSK! Who are you!?
  • Sungmin:Max Changmin!
  • Shindong:Who are you!? /slaps/
  • Sungmin:Tiffany!
  • Shindong:Who are you!? /slaps/
  • Sungmin:Sungmin. That hurts!
  • Shindong:He's back now.
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Something nice about Kangin

  • Donghae:Kangin hyung takes care of his dongsaengs really well!
  • Siwon:Because Kangin hyung is very manly, I feel stressed when he's around. He's too charismatic.
  • Kangin:What about a bad point?
  • Sungmin:His bad point... he's too handsome and eloquent too~ his voice is so heavenly!
  • Shindong:Actually, all three of them are lying.
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"Shindong is also in charge of the ‘visual’ in Super Junior~"

- Shindong, Star Golden Bell

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"Hello~ I’m the slimmest of Super Junior, Shindong!"


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"In our group, Donghae is the king of tears. He’s a crybaby."

-Shin Donghee

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"What was your first impression of Kyuhyun? Tell us honestly." "First impression .. I really hated him." "Wait a second, why do you hate him? What’s the reason?" "He looked really unlikeable, really." "Mind your body!"

- Shindong, Ryeowook, Shindong, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun

060815 Mnet Hello Chat

Note: Kyu was telling Wook to mind his words. XD
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But I won’t mind minding his body, either. Mmm.

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"I think women believe that they can change Kim Heechul so they work hard for 3 months then dump him when there’s no progress."

-Shindong, Strong Heart